Dallas Adventures: Best Things to See for Young Drivers

Dallas Adventures: Best Things to See for Young Drivers

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Dallas is near various interesting small towns, historical sites, lakes and outdoor recreation parks. The place is also famous for pleasant, poignant, commercial and artistic things but it also offers best Dallas adventure and especially for young drivers.

Enchanted Rock States Natural Areas

The Enchanted Rock States Natural Area in Fredericksburg and a protected public space. The Natural Area has beautiful large centerpiece pink granite rock and the biggest one in the United States. The park also features various recreation activities like rock climbing, camping, and hiking. A young driver can quickly get a car from under 25 Dallas Fort Worth airport car rental and drive down to the park that is only two hours from the city. Here you can enjoy the fresh and pure take of nature, have a picnic or just watch birds and the night sky view is super phenomenal, and this part is the most popular for stargazing. There are various snack shops that offer beverages and some food.

Kimbell Art Museum

Kimbell Art Museum is only 40-minute drive from Dallas city and found in Fort Worth and an international art museum. These museums houses have an extensive collection of various artworks that come from multiple places in Europe and other countries. The art museums started as a private collection of Velma and Kay Kimbell, and the building itself has a notable work of architecture. It features an eye-catching play on its natural light, buffet-style restaurants, live music performances and a vaulted gallery ceiling.

Turner Falls

It only takes two hours to get to Turner Falls, and a young driver will enjoy various scenic views as they drive down the highway towards Oklahoma. The beautiful centerpiece is a lovely waterfall that’s 77 foot tall and various outdoor activities. The park has hiking trails, Arbuckle Mountains mysterious caves, and along streams. There are lots of wildlife sightings and other several natural sandy beaches, swimming areas, picnic areas and bathhouses. The park also features various refreshment options on different concession stands.

Lake Murray State Park

The Lake Murray State Park is less than 2 hours and located in Oklahoma and one of the largest. Highway 77S runs all around the park giving you a scenic drive, and the lake takes half of the property, the rest of place has various recreational facilities. The park amenities include trails, beaches, golf course, boat ramps, and an RC flying field. Accommodation in the area comprises of cabin rentals, basic campsites and boat slip rentals.

Arbuckle Wilderness Park

The Arbuckle Wilderness Park is more than 200 acres and has hundreds of exotic and wild animals that roam free around the park. Visitors are allowed to drive their private cars throughout the park to view the animals, and many come near your car. The young driver has the opportunity also to feed several animals and enjoy a wildlife experience at the petting zoo and reptile house.

It only takes few hours to drive down and enjoy spectacular beauty near Dallas that is affordable and easy even with under 25 Dallas Fort Worth airport car rental.

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