Ditch the cable network, get on the DTH bandwagon

Ditch the cable network, get on the DTH bandwagon

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We explain why watching channels on a cable TV connection is now obsolete, and why DTH is the way to go.

It was a stunning new development in the early 90s when cable TV came to India for the first time. Suddenly, the entire world came so much closer to you via your TV set. There were so many different types of programmes to watch, and most channels functioned even in the early morning hours. People’s TV viewing habits changed dramatically, with each family member now having something to watch that matched their tastes. The days of generic programming were truly over.

Cut to today, when DTH programming is gaining popularity with every passing year. It compares extremely favorably against cable TV, which you can see offers poorer programming quality and hardly any choice when it comes to picking the channels you wish to watch.

The cable TV operator will offer a general mix of channels to you, whether you want to watch them or not. Besides, the picture and sound quality leave much to be desired. There are sudden outages when you least expect it, and the programming suffers in bad weather and also when certain channels are suddenly shifted from the free to the paid spectrum. All in all, you pay a monthly fee for an unsatisfactory TV viewing experience.

Why suffer from an incompetent cable connection, when you can get on the DTH bandwagon and get superior programming at a mind-blowing cost?

Buy DTH – Here’s why

DTH offers a mix of both SD and HD channels. Leading providers like Airtel offer all 50 HD channels that are offered in India. DTH lets you view HD channels using an HD-compatible set-top box that is provided to you during the installation process. Instead of the usual 720 x 576 px resolution with SD channels, you get a high 1920 x 1080 px resolution with HD TV.

With enhanced picture quality and superior sound, every moment of your TV viewing becomes an experience to cherish. The frames come alive with crisp sound and vibrant colors. Imagine watching crystal clear images of your favorite sports match, or an action movie, or even your usual cookery show. HD TV is also excellent for gaming and viewing dense graphics on the big screen, with zero pixelation.

Leading providers like Airtel have attractively-priced base packs comprising both SD and HD channels when you take a new DTH connection. Browse the Airtel website or smartphone app to know more.

Airtel also offers an HD set-top box when you buy DTH from them, so you don’t need to buy the HD set up box separately. The company also does not levy installation charges, and you can recharge the pack online quite easily whenever needed. Plus, you get the option of modifying the existing pack or changing it entirely for a new one online.

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