Do You Have a Cheating Spouse?

Do You Have a Cheating Spouse?

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How will you be able to tell if you have a cheating spouse in your home? While some signs are obvious, the thought of your loved one cheating on you can be a difficult thing to deal with. That said you do not want the cheating to go undetected and unaddressed. With that, the case, do you have a cheating spouse?

What Signs Should You Look for?

While there can be a myriad of signs one’s spouse is cheating on them, here are some you want to be on the lookout for:

1. When your spouse is gone often –

If your spouse works a lot or travels often for work, the time apart can be difficult. That said is your spouse, in fact, working or up to something? When your spouse is not honest with you, it can create many questions in your mind. Those questions could well lead to fights and more. If your spouse has a legitimate reason to be gone often, be willing to accept this. If the reason or reasons seem questionable, it is worth your time getting to the bottom of the matter. When they and their vehicle are often gone, don’t you want to know why?

2. When the level of communication fades –

There are going to be times where two people do not talk to one another. Even with that in mind, long blocks of no communication can be a big red flag. If your spouse is in fact cheating on you, he or she may try and limit the conversation between the two of you. One, they are with someone else. As such, their interest in preserving the marriage can decrease. Two, they may lessen the conversation between the two of you. They do this due to fear they will slip up and say something that will catch them in an affair.

3. When your spouse is secretive –

Even though you and your spouse need privacy, too much privacy can be a red flag. Is your spouse going out of their way to be secretive about communications? If they are, this can be a sign they are trying to cover their tracks. When this occurs, they don’t want you to know they are conversing and more with another person. Even if your curiosity peaks, do not take their phone or computer emails and read such things. All this does is open the door for a possible confrontation.

4. When not contributing –

Last, does your spouse hesitate to put money on trips and other things? If the answer is yes, this may be a sign they are withdrawing from the marriage. If they decide they are going to leave for another one, money towards things for the both of you will not be on their mind.

In trying to determine if you have a cheating spouse, how successful will you be? Remember, finding out you are dealing with a cheating spouse can be quite traumatic. How you react to it will decide the fate of the marriage and your emotional well-being.

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