Harmful Pests to be Controlled

Harmful Pests to be Controlled

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Pests are of a great problem when not controlled before severe damages are caused. You can’t ignore the growth of pests as they have different effects at different levels. There are also some pests which do not cause severe damage to the household but they are annoying enough to ruin your day. They would simply pester around your house or office. Some pests are really harmful such as rodents and other insects. Pest control at regular intervals can effectively reduce pests and minimize the chances of bearing damages due to pests. Barrier Pest Control is a great solution in such cases. If not done at regular intervals then the harmful pests can give you a hard time with the damages they cause.

List of Harmful Pests

  • Rats and Mice –

    Rats and mice can be named as rodents in one word which are harmful enough to destroy your property. Wherever they get resources to dwell and breed, they dig holes over there. Their ability to gnawing and nesting can be destructive for your home or office. Apart from this, their urine and dropping are deadly too as it spreads diseases. They grow in numbers within a short span of time which enhances the possibility of damage high. The only way to control them is through pest control at regular intervals.

  • Bedbugs –

    Once known as extinct, bedbugs have proved their existence in the US in the past few decades. They have bitten more children and adults in the US than in any other country. These bugs are found in beds and this is why they are called bedbugs. They can be in your bed, on your couch, in hotels and cars too.

  • Ticks and Mosquitoes –

    Both mosquitoes and ticks live by feeding on human blood. Their bite often results in redness of the area bitten and irritation. In some cases, there are other species of mosquitoes too which causes serious diseases like malaria, dengue, yellow fever, and chikungunya. They draw blood from our body and transmit back diseases.

  • Termites –

    Some studies carried out in the US states that termites only have caused damages of billions of dollars across the country. Pest control at regular intervals is a must if you don’t want to bear such damages.

  • Cockroaches –

    These are a species of flies which are known for contaminating food and spreading diseases. They can be anywhere as they have a tendency of hiding in small places. Their ability to fly makes them harmful as they carry deadly germs from one place to another. Salmonella is a deadly foodborne disease caused by cockroaches. They can contaminate anything, such as food, water, and kitchenware. It is recommended to cover the food, water and wash the kitchenware before use.

  • Ants –

    Even though they are small in size but they are dangerous enough to kill a person. There are a variety of ant species and fire ants are the most dangerous one. The bite of a fire ant is lethal enough to kill a healthy person. They also contaminate food and are known for digging soil which can cause an imbalance to the house.

All the above can be avoided if one chooses for pest control. There are services available which can help you get rid of pests. Barrier Pest Control is your rescue option if you are suffering from pest problems at your home or office.

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