Reasons why Vaping is better for your Health than Smoking

Reasons why Vaping is better for your Health than Smoking

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No other habit has been strongly tied to death like smoking. Smoking kills. There are a lot of harmful compounds that smokers consume when they smoke cigarettes some of them including ta, cadmium, beryllium and metallic elements such as nickel and chromium. All these compounds accumulate naturally in the leaves of the tobacco plant. There have been a lot of campaigns in the last century from different initiatives encouraging people who smoke to stop the habit. Smoking is one of the most addictive habits you could ever encounter. Cigarettes contain nicotine, and it is the nicotine in the cigarettes that make smoking to be highly addictive.

Vaping has now become the new alternative to smoking. Research shows that vaping has minimal health issues compared to smoking. Vaping involves puffing on vaporized liquid nicotine, smoking, on the other hand, involves inhaling burned tobacco. Burned tobacco produces carbon monoxide, and carbon monoxide has been known to reduce the oxygen levels in the blood of an individual. Vaping does not produce carbon monoxide, and that is another reason why vaping is healthier than smoking.  Discussed below are some reasons that explain why vaping is better for your health than smoking. Also, visit the  to learn more on the reasons why vaping is better for your health than smoking.

Clean Hands that are Stain-free

After you decide to switch from smoking regular cigarettes to e-cigarettes your hands will no longer need to have tobacco stains and that lingering smell that comes from cigarette smoke. Dirty hands or hands that have some stains can cause you to have some indigestion in your stomach if you are fond of eating things with your bare hands. With clean hands, you will also have the confidence to lean into that firm handshake.

Vaping will save your lungs

Vaping at low temperatures can help to protect your lungs, this means that you will no longer have to deal with that nasty cough of smokers or wake up with a sore throat. To reverse this kind of lung damage is if you decide to stop smoking. If you are interested in healing yourself from any respiratory deterioration then vaping is an effective way to do so which is also pleasurable.

Fewer Chemicals

The few chemicals that are present in the vape of an electronic cigarette as compared to tobacco smokes proves why vaping is much less harmful than smoking. There was an investigation that was carried how to show how the cells that are found in the arteries of a person’s heart respond when exposed to the vapor from an e-cigarette and the smoke from a traditional cigarette. The results of the investigation revealed that the cells that were exposed to tobacco smoke showed a clear stress response, unlike the cells that were exposed to the electronic cigarette vapor. This proves that traditional cigarette smokers can reduce any immediate tobacco-related harm when they switch from the conventional cigarettes to the electronic cigarettes.  Nicotine is very addictive and is the main reason why many smokers fail to quit smoking. However, the consumption of nicotine from the electronic cigarette vapors is likely to be less harmful. For more information about vaping visit the website.

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