The Military Diet Plan and How It Works

The Military Diet Plan and How It Works

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The Military Diet Plan is presently one of the most popular “diets” in the world. It claims to help you quickly lose weight, up to 10 pounds in a single week. This plan is also free. No book, expensive food or supplements for you to buy.

Does it work?

The next question is does this diet plan work, and is it something that you should try? This explains what you need to know about the Military Diet Plan. This diet includes a 3-day plan with 4 days off, and this weekly sequence is repeated over and over up until you get to your goal. Supporters of this diet say that is was formed by US military nutritionists to order to get their soldiers into shape quickly. Except, the truth is that this plan is not linked with any government or military establishment.

Two Phases

The military diet plan is split into 2 stages over a period of 7-days. For the beginning 3 days, you follow a well-planned out low-calorie plan for three meals. There are no snacks. Total calories during these 3 days is around 1,100-1,1400 calories a day. This is much lower than the average intake for an adult.

For the rest of the week, you must still eat healthily and remain to keep calories low. You can duplicate this diet for several weeks until you get to your desired goal.

Swap items

If you are a vegetarian, you can swap the one cup of tuna for almonds. The calories must stay the same. If the meal plan is altered in any way, you have to count calories.

Those who use this diet advise the drinking of lemon water that is hot but advise no drinking of beverages that are sweetened artificially.

Evidence of results

There has been no research on this diet. But, a person is expected to lose some weight due to the week-long calorie constraints – many claims that a person can lose 10 pounds in these 7 days.

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