This Foundation is a Ray of Hope for the Abandoned Elderly Thanks to Crowdfunding

This Foundation is a Ray of Hope for the Abandoned Elderly Thanks to Crowdfunding

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The state of Kerala alone has seen nearly 9,000 cases of abuse against the elderly between 2011 and 2016.

Abuse against seniors that have become reclusive is shockingly common in Indian households, resulting in them spiraling into depression. There have been reported cases of adult children throwing their elderly parents out once their properties have been transferred over. Lawyers and social workers now advise elder parents to write a will to transfer assets after death rather than earlier.

Vedanth Welfare Foundation is one of the thousands of nonprofits homes across the country that is striving to give the abandoned elderly a dignified life. The charity has managed to gather the funds to rent a residential space and accommodate 22 homeless seniors, most of whom are parents abandoned by their children.

However, like most nonprofits, they tend to run out of funding due to various reasons, like a lack of a wide donor network. Despite being active for years, Vedanth still hasn’t been able to afford a permanent home for their elderly. The primary reason, of course, was because they provided food, medicines and living space completely free of cost to every senior that they took under their wing. Funding had become stagnant, and the foundation needed to find a way to encourage donations.

How social crowdfunding can help the foundation get funding

Vedanth needed financial support from well-wishers to be able to afford a permanent residence for the 22 adults they currently host and expand their space to accommodate more. They also need funding to improve the quality of healthcare and nutrition they provide them. The foundation chose to begin crowdfunding with Impact Guru, a top NGO and medical crowdfunding website based in India. Vedanth was able to begin fundraising within minutes for free on a simple, user-friendly platform.

Most of us cannot fathom the extent to which elderly parents suffer at the hands of their children. Many well-educated adults are known to simply drop their parents in old age homes and forget about them, leaving them angry, hurt and depressed. Crowdfunding gives charities like Vedanth the ideal opportunity to tell powerful stories and move a large audience while also growing their network of donors on a global level. Help bring a smile to an abandoned elderly person today by supporting fundraisers like Vedanth’s or starting your own.

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