Thread gauges – Advantages to the manufacturing industry

Thread gauges – Advantages to the manufacturing industry

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Thread gauges are essential precision tools. No industry is complete without using these tools for measuring the tolerance levels of the screws and nuts. You need the best quality gauges to determine the pitch of the screws and bolts. One has to be very careful when using the screw and bolts in any machinery. A slight error or miscalculation can prove disastrous. Thus, you should never compromise when you buy thread gauges. The best place to buy them is Gaugestools.

Let us look at the advantages of buying thread ring gauges from Gaugestools.

  • This company manufactures thread gauges that comply with ASME B1.2 standards.
  • They use oil-hardened steel with high wear resistance and hardness of 58 to 62 HRC.
  • The ring gauges manufactured by Gaugestools are solid ones.
  • The plug gauges are Taperlock-double ends with one handle.
  • These ring gauges can be used directly without needing to test them.
  • This company conducts all the possible tests on gauges before dispatching them.
  • The advantage of having the Taperlock style is that you can replace the worn out ends with a new one quickly.
  • This company deals in new gauges with ISO 9001 certification.
  • Controlling the temperature and humidity while testing gauges are of great importance. This company knows this fact, and hence they maintain the temperature at 20 degrees and humidity in the range of around 45 to 65%
  • You get the fastest delivery when you order your consignment from this company.
  • You have the facility to track the shipment.
  • Quality wise, this company will never disappoint you.
  • You get satisfaction with the pricing. It is not only competitive but also attractive.
  • This company has the best return policy in the business.

Different types of gauges:

You get every type of thread ring gauge at this company. The industries in the US and Canada use different measuring criteria. In comparison, the rest of the world conforms to the metric system. This company caters to the requirement of all. They manufacture metric thread gauges and other gauges as well.

How do the gauges work?

All types of gauges work on the universal principle of Go and No Go. The screw or the bolt should go through the Go end of the ring gauge without any extra effort. At the same time, it should not pass through the No-Go end. Similarly, in the case of the plug gauges, the Go end should pass through the nut easily. It should not do so from the No-Go end. If it does so, one has to discard the tool.

Gaugestools manufactures taps and dies as well in addition to the gauges. Taps do the work of threading the nuts and the holes. In other words, you can carve internal threads using taps. You need dies to carve out the external threads like the screws and bolts. These taps and dies are hard metals, but brittle. Hence, you should be careful while using them. They can break if you drop them accidentally.

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