Top 5 ideas to gift your brother this Raksha Bandhan

Top 5 ideas to gift your brother this Raksha Bandhan

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The bond between siblings is said to be one of its kind- it involves taunting, troubling and fighting with each other and that the same time being loving, caring and protecting towards each other. It is a kind of relationship where the love is seldom expressed but in the moments of weaknesses and difficulties, it is your sibling that guides you the most, sometimes even better than your parents.

The love that you possess for your brother or sisters cannot be quite expressed in a day but still, like other occasions, this bond is also celebrated during the Raksha Bandhan. During this occasion, the siblings make commitments to protect each other for lifelong and they also give and receive gifts from each other.

But choosing rakhi gifts for brother is a tough task very ear and so, we are here to help you. These awesome ideas will surely bring a joyous smile on your brother’s face, no matter what age group they are in!


  • Chocolate bouquet –

    Never ever can the idea of bribing your brother with chocolates can fail, more so when he is of a much younger age. To add a little excitement and to increase the beautification of your gift, you can pack the chocolates like a bouquet and then present it to your brother. It is sure to make him happy.

  • 3d crystal photo frames –

    Nowadays, putting pictures or writing special messages on 3d crystal frames are a unique idea in the market for gifting anyone. And this is one thing that the sisters can consider amongst all kinds of Rakhi Gifts for Brother as it looks voluminously breathtaking when you light them up in the dark.

  • Online store gift cards –

    With the advancement of technology in this era, all things have become digital. Of course, that’s a boon to people but mostly to the sisters whose, brothers live far away from them. No wonder they miss them on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan but times of worrying have gone! They can always opt for online rakhi gifts that they can choose, get packed, and also get them delivered to their brother’s place in the given time and date, that too without any hassle. You can choose from the range of online stores that provide gift cards and your brother can redeem them to buy their favorite items from the stores.

  • Latest Gadgets –

    You can gift the latest smartphone, digital audio player, ps-4 Xbox, etc., to your gadget freak brother and he would promise to protect you for eternity (pun intended!)

  • Personalized gifts –

    These days, the customized rakhi gifts are much in trends and you can choose from a variety of things like t-shirts, coffee mugs, pen stands, keychains, cushions, perfumes, etc. and then place a photo or a personal message for your brother on them. It surely is an awesome idea to make your brother happy.


When the sister is young, her parents help her choose gifts from her brother in the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. But when they grow older or start earning themselves, they obviously try to get the best Rakhi Gifts for Brother, no matter how pricey or how unavailable it is!

It is the reason why in the peak season of these occasions, many online and offline stores come up with innovative ideas of gifting for both the siblings. And for the sisters who scratch their head during Rakhi, you can blindly rely on the gift ideas given above to bring a smile to the face of your beloved brother.

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