Trends for Digital marketing in 2018: Tech Innovations

Trends for Digital marketing in 2018: Tech Innovations

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The most recent trends of digital marketing and the advances involved with it not just prepare you for the changes in the existing market but they also establish a strategy for comprehensive marketing. The strategy is designed to make the market more visible and to earn more revenue.

The platforms of social media and Google and others are trying continuously to update and to adapt to changes that are taking place in the industry. The recent changes in digital marketing trends are establishing a comprehensive marketing strategy.


Videos though sound an pattern but in 2018 videos are taking precedence. Even if you watch Facebook, you are going to see how many videos are circulating these days. People aren’t watching articles as much as they are watching videos. For instance, YouTube is second-ranked after Google. It is projected that around 2020, around 80 percent of all commercials are going to be online video. Videos can provide a message directly compared to any other form of marketing.


One of the most interactive methods of communication is stories to which most companies are looking forward. Instagram stories launched in 2016, was a big success that means that stories are going to be a foundation of digital marketing. After Instagram, Facebook too took the initiative of stories and installed the stories platform on 2017.

Reality of Augmentation

AR, also known as augmented reality is another trend that is developing in almost every business sectors. Mobile traffic is increasing and is going to drive 80% of internet usage. So, in the digital marketing industry, it is not possible to ignore such statistics.

Voice Search

Amazon launched Echo and Alexa, Google has a voice-activated speaker, in 2017 voice search is one of the resources which is taking center stage in the digital marketing world. It is predicted that around 50 percent of the search is going to be done through voice search in 2020. So, it’s high time for the industry to pick that pulse up. Brands that wouldn’t appear on a voice search are not to be benefitted compared to the ones that are going to show up on voice search.


Chatbots are for customer service. You can see that in this market the consumers are getting more intelligent and they make sure that the product they buy is the best. So, without a Chatbot, it is not possible to reply to all the queries of a customer.

Therefore, digital marketing of the future is going to be strategic, the companies, such as,, who is a step forward and analyzing the future preparations are going to be successful.

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