Windshield Reminders for Teens

Windshield Reminders for Teens

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Teenagers can be rough on vehicles. This is often the reason why parents will only allow teens to drive older or less expensive cars. It’s all too common for teenagers to have troubles with speeding, not following signals and signs and even tailgating. Teen drivers are always rushing off when they’re driving to some party. With the awareness that teens have less than par driving skills, parents may need to give them a few reminders before a windshield repair in New Jersey is needed.

Common Mistakes Your Teen May Be Making On the Road

Tailgating and Speeding

The most abused part of a car that gets the most damage from tailgating and speeding is the windshield. That large sheet of glass is prone to damage in the hands of a teen driver. For one, speeding can cause sandblasting. When this happens, rocks and dust will fly up from off the road and hit the windshield. The same is true for tailgating. This can create a chip or a crack. In NJ Law, NJ windshield replacements are necessary whenever your windshield gets smashed in.

Reckless Driving

Windshields often get damaged due to reckless driving. Many of these are caused by a collision, which results in a shattered or a cracked windshield. Car manufacturers designed the windshield to withstand some amount of impact. However, a high-speed impact can be strong enough to break the auto glass.

Door Slamming

Teens often slam front and backdoors. This can do a lot of damage on both the door track and the auto glass. In extreme cases, teens can shatter the car window just by slamming the door hard. It is important that teens learn to close the car door without having to utilize brute force. Remind them to close the door slowly in order to keep it from breaking down and you have to call an auto glass repair technician to fix the problem.

Talk to Your Teen

I’m sure you or other grown adults have already cautioned your teen against tailgating. The common reason is that the teen may rear-end someone. Another reason would be to tell them straight up that you won’t be able to afford a windshield repair in New Jersey if they keep doing the same mistake. You can tell them the first time around that the next auto glass repair is on them. Don’t forget to give them a figure so they can estimate how much they have to save up if they don’t take more precautions in driving.

Lead by Example

Chances are you may be getting a little too close to other cars as well. You may also be going faster when you’re on the highway. It is important to give an example to your teen on the right way to drive. This includes following signs and signals.

Your Backup Plan

Teens are bound to break your windshield even with your constant nagging and reminders. When all else fails, call Clear Vision Auto Glass Repair expert to provide you with windshield repair and replacement. Call our 24-hour hotline for mobile windshield repair or replacements. Our phone number is 856-665-4747.

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