5 Advantages of Setting up a Business in DMCC

5 Advantages of Setting up a Business in DMCC

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Not all of you must be aware of what DMCC actually is. Well, it is actually a free trade zone in which no taxes are given by the people. DMCC was basically established in 2002 and the basic purpose of its establishment was actually you increase the cash flow through the whole of Dubai.

The government of Dubai keeps on taking so many steps in the favor of its economy. The government does whatever is possible so that people from different countries keep on considering Dubai a better option of the trade.

There are special areas in every country o the world in which no tax is taken by the public in any way. All of these trade barriers are not applied here so people can have every bit of their earning. In this way, all of the taxes and other quotas are eliminated so that people of different countries can be attracted towards the country. When people get attracted, the economy of the country increases. So, this is a very good way of attracting the foreign investors or businessmen.

DMCC Free Trade Zone

When people invest in DMCC free trade zones, they make more profit as they do not have to pay any sort of tax, tariff or quota. Here are some of the advantages people get if they set up their businesses in DMCC Free Trade Zone.

No tax at all

If a company won’t pay any tax, all of the profit it will make will stay with itself. So, whatever is yours is yours. There is no interference governed in it at all. Earn as much as you want and use all the facilities of the country.

State of the art facilities

If you set up your business in DMCC; no issues at all. You can even get the land o Free Trade Zone; you can work in the great environment having no issues at all. You can even get the land on lease and can use different options like free holding or leasing in case of residential as well as commercial property. It is a great option for the people who want to establish their business in free tax zone. No tax on residence or commercial property is a win-win for sure.


In DMCC free trade zones, you can have a 100% ownership of your business. No interference or hold of anyone from anywhere at all.

Sole shareholders are permissible

You can be the only shareholder without anyone else sharing the shares with you. You can establish a business or buy the shares solely.

Full range of business activities licensed

Some people might think that only some activities must be allowed for working in DMMCC free trade zone but this is not how it is. You can have a hold of all of your activities and all of the business activities are licensed.

If you want to establish your business in DMCC, take the help of company formation consultants in DMCC by visit here. They will help you through the process. Business setup consultants DMCC know each and everything that you might want to know for your new business. So, must consult them before proceeding further.

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