Achieve Better IT Management in the NOC Using these Tips

Achieve Better IT Management in the NOC Using these Tips

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Millennials call it NOC to stand for the Network Operations Center, which is the lifeblood of businesses in these days and age. It provides the much-needed oversight and control of mission-critical network elements. A typical example where you will find this is in the energy sector with so many upcoming technologies such as smart grid, which is known for many network challenges despite communication technology being vital in the day to day operations.

With the smart grid, data is reported in real-time, to notify the utility providers about malfunctions, outages, impending risks, and energy use patterns. This technology, therefore, is handy in energy sector whereas the NOC is a vital component of the entire functionality. To achieve success with NOC in various industries including the energy sector, IT management capabilities ought to be stepped up. With advanced IT service desk deployments, this can be attainable. Let us have a peek at how to increase IT management in the NOC settings.

Assess your IT management needs

IT management success is achieved through keen assessing what a company requires. Stories are told of organization opting for large-scale, complex IT service desk solution and investing heavily on them only to realize it was not what they truly needed. A company should invest in an optimally-sized solution for IT management since even the small and simplistic solutions may result in a poor management process and pathetic response to incidents.

Engage the right service desk foundation

For you to improve IT management in any organization, you must invest in getting the right service desk. With the needed solution at hand, your NOC operators will start to look at specific features of the solution to know exactly what to take advantage of. While various options are there for this application, most are mainly suited for NOCs.

Make use of the automation process

How NOC functions is primarily by identifying problems fast and carrying out the desired change to ensure the incidents do not disrupt the usual running of the business. For this reason, the automation process is critical as it enables NOC managers to quickly identify incidents as they arise and quickly fix or avert them.

Have the change management in order

More often, the NOC averts an incident through switching over to some backup network link, or it may even change the IT settings, making the change platform invaluable for the NOC. The NOCs quickly changes even without any intended consequences. To avoid this, it’s vital to have in place a CMDB solution as it creates a rapid change while understanding how this adjustment may impact other areas of operation.

Always be ready to scale the solution

Having in place a service desk ready to handle the current NOC needs is priceless. It may be expensive and time consuming for the business to change to a new solution whenever IT demand seem to have become more complex.

As a rule of thumb, have a service desk architecture which features scalability and flexibility as far as IT management is concerned.

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