Be updated about everything by Cyclades24

Be updated about everything by Cyclades24

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Here it is the most fully informed website about the Cyclades news and news from all over Greece.

Cyclades and more specific, Syros, are one of the prettiest places in Greece. Whoever had the chance to come and live the life here, he instantly felt the aura of this wonderful land!

Learn first the latest news of Syros Island

Syros news is now directly at your services, through our website Cyclades24.

You can easily learn about the programs and schedules of the self-government or about the timelessness of the island, even if you are far away from it.

Not only you become aware of these subjects of Syros community, but also you can be knowledgeable of the local sports news, such as volleyball, football, and basket.

Another section that attracts most, someone’s interest, is the one that relates to the web tv.

It contains subcategories with topics about the events that take part in the island, interviews from some of the most important people in the area and other things.

The most useful events in Syros

Through the Useful category, you have the huge chance to advertise whatever you want to get more known to the wide public.

For instance, if you have in your possession an apartment and you want to rent or sell it to someone, you can post your advertisement at the Cyclades ads and make it happen more easily.

Or if you have a business of your own and you want to make it more famous, the Syros ads will help you spectacularly.

You can be part of us in the Cyclades

The Cyclades world is now more approachable through Cyclades24.

Everything you want to know about our country and more specific about Syros is written in our website, directly of the most accurate sources.

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