Detection of suspects

Detection of suspects

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Detecting a suspect, involves a personal commitment and the whole community, because the offender starts his action, choosing the objective that offers the best possibilities to commit his crime.

Crime in our country is essentially evolutionary and is currently characterized by extreme violence, possession of different types of weapons, use of minors in the participation of crimes and high intake of drugs and alcohol. Given these characteristics, a suspect is currently more likely to detect it because of the doubtful behavior that he presents, than because of his physical appearance or clothing. As you know, today the law does not allow people to be detained for these reasons, which means that from now on it will be you who must warn their presence.

For this, it is valid to instruct us from the perspective of what ? how ? when? and, what ? are the elements that we must take into account to perceive a situation, conduct, and suspicious identity. It is not easy to make mistakes today, given the attitude and diversity of styles adopted by our peers, especially adolescents.

Therefore our common efforts of family and neighbors should be oriented in the observation, communication and subsequent denunciation of any situation that we deserve doubt. Acquiring this general awareness will allow us to detect more easily the presence of suspicious people and vehicles in our environment. If you observe this situation, your responsibility will be to communicate it immediately to the relevant authorities, the only authorities authorized to request identities or failing to know, that your mere proactive presence will serve as a persuasive measure for the offender himself. In case you receive a mysterious call, you need to be equipped with a reverse phone search tool. For this, keep in mind:

* Be cautious and have excessive confidence with people you do not know or have recently hired, keep alert behavior in general terms, do not hand over privative attributions of the owners of the house, or less comment where you keep your valuables, observe their habits, in terms of friendships, departures, phone calls, etc. Always keep in mind that these preventive measures, seek to avoid the leakage of information that always ends in the offender.

* If in the front yard or outside patio, detects the presence of elements that are not specific to your home, remove them immediately, usually they are decoys thrown by the delinquents to verify the presence and/or absence of their occupants.

* Periodically, check the exterior of your property, (fences, walls, plates, etc.), in order to see if they have placed strange evidence attached, such as chalk marks, gum sticks, matches, or other signs, all marks, that the offender installed to verify the presence and/or absence of people in the home. This practice, in criminal terms, is called “stamped” house and arises from the presence of those suspects who roam the streets ringing bells, in the absence of an answer, mark them as a decoy for subsequent actions.

* Given the large database of our today circulating without further restriction, has proliferated in the country all types of surveys: telephone, door to door, mail, Internet, etc. You might need to do online searching. Unfortunately not all respond to responsible companies, therefore, before answering them, make sure of their true origin, and in no case answer those of a personal nature or relating to your home, information that can be exploited for ill-intentioned purposes. This behavior extends to your children and other members of the household, who by their innocence or ignorance are easy prey of these practices.

* If you observe in a means of transport, a suspicious behavior on the part of whoever is by your side, change your seat or place, approach the driver, and privately let him know the situation.

* If you see utility vehicles, taxis, or others, parked indiscriminately in front of your home or in the environment, whose patents are hidden by various forms, take precautions and report to police, do not forget to pay attention and note the characteristics of the vehicle and its occupants.

* Avoid accessing the so-called door-to-door services, if you first have the actual identification of the person and the company you claim to belong to.

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