How big data has revolutionized job opportunities? 

How big data has revolutionized job opportunities? 

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Data is everywhere and with the digital revolution, it has become more refined and accessible to people in almost every corner of the world. And when it comes to processing this data, ‘Big Data’ is what you need to know about.  Big data has become the new age technology trend with lots of promising job opportunities that have made most of the professionals to make the major career moves. If you go by experts, big data is the best job of the 21st century with work expanding from e-commerce, retail, entertainment, finance, almost each and every sector is influenced by the information that is extracted out from the unstructured data.

Over time, it has been seen that there is a soaring demand for the big data analytics in almost every sector with the number of job opportunities increasing with each passing year. Professionals with the required analytical as well as technical skill set are needed to perform the heavy-duty tasks. Working on large data sets pertaining to a particular organization is not an easy task and needs a keen understanding and knowledge of studying these unstructured data and coming up with a feasible solution to solve the problems encountered in the business.

It has been noticed that with the onset of new technologies, it has now become easier to work with diverse data sets and extract the desired information. By incorporating the methods of advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics, data sets can be manipulated so as to discover the underlying solutions that might affect the business decisions for good. There has also been a sudden rise in the development of unstructured and semistructured data which can be analyzed from the data sources such as blogs, social media, videos, and photos, etc. With this, it has become easier to determine the demands and requirements of the user and provide them with the required solution. As an example, consider the advertisements that you get to see while browsing, most of these suggestions are based on your search history and what kind of the information that you might have browsed in the past. With this information, it becomes easier to determine your preferences.

When we talk about the job opportunities,  there is a dearth of professionals in every possible sector be it retail, finance, manufacturing, among others, and you can work according to your interest in a certain domain. As a professional, you can choose to work as a data analyst, business intelligence expert, data scientist, project manager, or a big data engineer and develop your skill sets accordingly. As a professional in big data, you would need to work on different data sets and present a feasible business solution which is mostly user-driven. Big giants such as Domo, Oracle, IBM, GoodData, Quid, Pentaho, Centrifuge, FICO, Saffron, Jaspersoft, among several others have a lot of job opportunities in this sector and can help you gain the right expertise that would help you to climb the career ladder. Also, when we talk about the salary prospects, data engineers are given a handsome amount for what they offer to the company.

The entire big data game is primarily based on how a professional present the analytical skills and develop insights that would solve some of the biggest issues that might arise in the different business sectors. Although this trend is evolving at a fast pace, there is a huge shortage of skilled professionals who are well-versed with the processing involved in the data manipulation and extraction. Decision making is what you associate a true professional involved in data analysis, and one is just required to keep polishing their skills in order to stay in this profession.

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