How To Trim Videos Fast And Easy With Movavi Video Editor

How To Trim Videos Fast And Easy With Movavi Video Editor

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Whenever we record video we inevitably end up with so much footage that is spoiled by different things like bad light, visual noise, incorrect focus and so on. This is practically something we cannot avoid. When we want to use our footage for any reason there is a certainty we need to do some sort of editing. This is possible through many programs but the one that automatically stands out for most users is Movavi Video Editor as it was designed for people that do not have a lot of technical knowledge.

If you want to remove all unusable video parts, trimming videos is simple through the following simple steps:

1. Install Movavi Video Editor

This is self-explanatory. Install the software by following on-screen steps and launch it.

2. Add Video

Click Add Media and select the video that is to be trimmed. It is also possible to use drag and drop from your file explorer to the timeline tab in Movavi Video Editor.

3. Trim The Video

For starters, you want to move the marker to the part of the video that you want to trim, right on the timeline. Take your time to find the exact split spot desired. After you found that spot you just have to click the Split Button. Do this as many times as needed to divide the video in as many parts as desired. After this all you have to do is select the video parts that are to be removed and click the Delete button.

4. Save The New Video

This is a really simple step and you obviously want to have the edited footage on your computer. Go to the Export function and then choose desired video format. Various ready-made presets are available and extra customization options can be used.

Final Thoughts

As you can so easily notice, trimming videos with the use of Movavi Video Editor is really simple. The entire process is only going to take you a few minutes. However, you may want to further edit the videos chosen and not just trim them. Take full advantage of the features available.

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