Top 5 Tips For A Long RV Road Trip

Top 5 Tips For A Long RV Road Trip

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Getting ready for any RV trip will require lots of careful planning, but how you plan for a several months long RV road trip will be different than how you plan for a weekend long camping trip.

The good news is there are lots of excellent online resources such as Outdoorsy to help you get started with your research and planning.

Here are the top five tips for a long RV road trip:

1. Pack Less

Wouldn’t you want to pack more items for an extra long RV trip? The reality, however, is that you likely won’t use nearly as many of those items as you may think you will. If you’ve never gone on a long RV road trip before, you’ll definitely find this out on your first expedition.

Your goal should be to simplify your packing as much as possible by only bringing your necessities.

2. Make Your Meals Simple

The simpler your meals are, the better. This way, you’ll have less dishes to clean up and preparing the meals beforehand will be simpler. Stick to crockpot style recipes where you can feed everybody in your family without requiring that much extra preparation, or BBQ meals such as cheeseburgers where you can easily cook everything on a grill outside.

3. Bring Backup Wi-Fi

Internet connection is one of the most overlooked elements of preparing for any RV trip. While many campgrounds will technically offer free Wi-Fi, the truth is the Wi-Fi connection can be weak and incredibly slow. You would be better served by bringing your own portable Wi-Fi connection with you.

Otherwise, you can make sure that there are coffee shops or other places with strong Wi-Fi connection en route to your campgrounds.

4. Maximize Your Storage

Even though RVs are all tricked out to have as much storage space as possible, there are still steps you can take to maximize it yourself. For example, you can build in more drawers or storage cubbies to the kitchen area or add shelves to the bathroom.

5. Bring Tools

RV maintenance is something you have to be prepared for just like home maintenance. You don’t have to become as skilled as a professional mechanic or anything, but you at least should be able to keep your RV driving on the road before you get to a repair shop should anything go wrong.

Hammer and nails, duct tape, a shovel, caulking gun (for fixing leaks), a screwdriver, a socket set, drill bit set, pliers, wire cutters, a cordless drill, and super glue are examples of essential tools that you will definitely want to bring along with you for your long road trip.

Embarking On A Long RV Road Trip

A several months long road trip will require different kinds of planning than a simple camping trip over the weekend, and you will definitely want to put each of these tips to good use.

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